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Promoting home education one family at a time!


"Promoting home education one family at a time." 

Our goal is to promote home education whether you are a life-long home educator, want to have your students home for a year, or anything in between; we just want to encourage you in your journey.  We recognize that educational decisions are personal to each family and will support any legal homeschool family to the best of our ability.

We will promote home education by providing opportunities for extracurricular activities, academic events, social activities & service projects, moms' support group, sports, testing information, and other services that are needed and have leaders.  We are a volunteer organization with no compensation for our leadership so activities are determined by those that have leaders.

Pre-school GroupFor families that have children under school-age, you may join to participate in any activities that are age-appropriate.  Education begins at birth and we encourage any family considering home education to join and learn about the benefits of this fantastic opportunity.

Virtual Academy/K-12While K-12 families (virtual academies offered through the public school) are not legal homeschoolers per state law, if you choose to educate through this method, you are welcome to attend any activity we offer that is appropriate for your family.  We support legal home education, but also realize that some families may find it necessary to utilize this public school option.  If you join a virtual academy and find that you are too isolated, please feel free to join in our group activities to enhance any educational or socialization goals your family may have.  For more info on virtual academies, please contact our administration.

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